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Navratri celebrfation 2014

The traditional yearly Navrati celebration 2014 took place in the beautiful premises of San Marco village in Schelle on Saturday, 20 September.

It was a beautiful and very well organised event attended by a great number of people, I guess well over 1200 participants!

The Honorary Consulate General wants to extend his very heartfelt congratulations to the Ladies and Gentlemen of the organizing committee; it was a job well done and it resulted in a most pleasant evening.

The Honorary Consul General, Marc A. Huybrechts, was invited by Mr. and Mrs. Shah. Hiren Shah is since 2008 a member of the Consular Task Force and he has served in that capacity in a most efficient and helpful way.

The Honorary Consul General enjoyed the colourful event very much. He saw it as a very excellent expression of Indian culture and gracious living, elegant dancing, beautiful colours, good mood and pleasant atmosphere and excellent food and drinks!

In fact it has to be said that the Consul General enjoyed the excellent Jain food to such an extent that he went four seconds; he was of the opinion that also this year the Jain food was excellently prepared by the best chefs specialised in Jain food. This was an event not likely to be forgotten; thanks again to all the members of the Indian community who contributed to such a pleasant and successful evening!

Marc A. Huybrechts,
Honorary Consul General of India
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